The Chinook Jargon:

Selected references for students and scholars

Totem pole in Pioneer Square

What's this all about? See the Oregon Encyclopedia for a description by Henry Zenk, Ph.D. Or try Wikipedia.

Presented on this site are four Chinook Jargon dictionaries from the past which are not available elsewhere on-line in convenient form, for the benefit of students or for reference by distant scholars.

In the Tenas Wawa section are excerpts from a Chinook Jargon magazine published in the 1990s by Duane Pasco, which serves as a tutorial in Chinook Jargon.

The map section delineates the region, past and present.

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The totem pole pictured above stands in Pioneer Square at 1st and Yesler in Seattle. It came from southeast Alaska. (Photo courtesy of Philip Greenspun.)