Bibliography of the Chinook Jargon.

Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains.  By Rev. Samuel Parker. 12mo. Ithaca, N. Y., 1838.
"Vocabulary of the Chenook language, as spoken about Fort Vancouver," pp. 336  338.

Ethnography and Philology of the United States Exploring Expedition.  By Horatio Hale. 4to. Philadelphia:  Lea & Blanchard, 1846.
A vocabulary of the "Jargon or Trade Language of Oregon," with an essay thereon, and phrases, is given in this work, pp. 636  650.

Transactions of the American Ethnological Society.  2 vols., 8vo. New York:  Barlett & Weldford, 1845, 1848.
In vol. ii., pp. 62  60, under title of "Hale’s Indians of Northwest America," is a partial reprint of the above.

Rev Z. B. Z. Bolduc, "Mission de la Colombie," 8vo. Quebec, 1843.
The Lord’s Prayer in Jargon, "et quelques mots Tchinoucs et Sneomus."  The Snohomish is a tribe of Puget Sound. The Chinook words are merely Jargon.

Journal of  Travels over the Rocky Mountains, &c. By Joel Palmer. 2mo. Cincinnatti, 1847, 1852.
"Words used in the Chinook Jargon," pp. 147  152.

Adventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, &c. By Alexander Ross. 12mo. London, 1848.
Ross gives a "Chinook Vocabulary," pp. 342  348, and words of the "mixed dialect," p. 349. His Chinook is, however, also impure.

Ten Years in Oregon.  By D. Lee and F. H. Frost. 12mo. New York, 1844.
"A short vocabulary of the Clatsop dialect."  This is likewise Jargon.

History, &c., of the Indian Tribes of the United States.  Collected by Henry R. Schoolcraft. 4to. Parts 1  5.  Philadelphia, 1851, 1855.
Lieut. G. F. Emmons gives a brief "Klatsop Vocabulary" in Part III., pp. 223, 224, which is of the same character.
Note 1 to article, "Philosophy of Utterance," Part V., pp. 548  551, a "Vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon."

Vocabulary of the Jargon or Trade Language of Oregon.  English, French, and Jargon. 8vo. Washington, 1853. pp. 22.
Printed by the Smithsonian Institution, for private distribution. Without title-page. This is the one by M. Lionnet, before referred to.

The Northwest Coast; or, Three Years’ Residence in Washington Territory.  By James G. Swan. 12mo. New York:  Harpers, 1857.
"A Vocabulary of the Chehalis and Chenook or Jargon Languages, with the derivation of the words used in the latter," pp. 412  422.

A Complete Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon.  English   Chinook, and Chinook   English. To which is added numerous conversations, &c.  3d edition. 24mo, pp. 24. Portland, Oregon: published by S. J. McCormick.
Several editions of this work have been published; the last which I have seen, in 1862.

Guide-Book to the Gold Regions of Frazer River.  With a map of the different routes, &c. 24mo, pp. 55. New York, 1858.
A vocabulary of the Jargon, pp. 45  55.

The Chinook Jargon and English and French Equivalent Forms.  In "Steamer Bulletin," San Francisco, June 21, 1858.
Contains an unarranged vocabulary of 354 words and phrases.

The Canoe and the Saddle. By Theodore Winthrop.  12mo. Boston:  Ticknor & Fields. 1863.
"A partial vocabulary of the Chinook Jargon," pp. 299  302.

History of the Oregon Territory, &c.  By John Dunn. 2d 3dition. London, 1846.
"A few specimens of the language of the Millbank and Chinook tribes."  Chinook tribe:  50 words and phrases, including digits. These words, as usual, are in great part "Jargon," and belong to the Nootkan, not to the Chinook.

Besides the above, one, of which I have not the title before me, has been published by Mr. A. C. Anderson, and several in the newspapers of Oregon and Washington Territory.

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