Thorough understanding of the following list of words, with their manifold meanings will enable anyone to carry on an ordinary conversation in Chinook. The words used in one locality only and the seldom-used words are omitted, and only the words in common, or general use, are included here.

 For full and complete meaning of each of these words and complete list of words that are little used, see Part One.

Ahncuttie    Time past.
Alta    Now.
Alki    Time to come.
A a a h!    Exclamation confirming a statement.
A a a nah!    Almost same as a a a h.
A a a a e!
    Wonder, sympathy, etc.
Ats    Sister.
Boston    White man.
Bebe    Baby.
Canim    Boat.
Capo    Coat.
Copo    With at, in, out, etc.
Chaco    Come.
Chickamun    Metal of any kind.
Chick-chick    Wheel.
Chuck    Water.
Cultas    Bad.
Calipeen    Gun.
Calitan    Shot, cartridge, arrow.
Chee    New.
Comtox    Understand.
Chetwoot    Brown bear.
Cole    Cold.
Chinoos    Tobacco.
Cooley    Run, race.
Cosho    Pig.
Delate    Very.
Diaub    Devil.
Dly    Dry.
Doctin    Physician.
Dollah    Dollar (Money).
Ena    Beaver.
Esick    Paddle.
Elip    Before, in front.
Enati    Across.
Enapooh    Muskrat.
Gleece    Grease, fat.
Huloime    Different.
Hyak    Quick fast, hurry.
Halo    No.
Hahlakl    Open.
Haul    Pull, drag.
Heehee    Joy.
Hoolhool    Mouse.
House    House.
Humm    Stink.
Hyas    Big.
Hiyu    Plenty.
Ict    One.
Icta    What.
Ictas    Things.
Itlwillie    Flesh, meat.
Itswoot    Black bear.
Illahee    Land.
Iskum    Get.
Kah    Where.
Kekwillie    Down.
Kahpo    Older brother.
Kullakulla    Bird.
Kowmux    Dog.
Kapswallie    Steal.
Kaupee    Coffee.
Keelapi    Up-side-down.
Kuitan    Horse.
Klale    Black, dark blue.
Klap    Find.
Kliskwis    Mat made of rushes.
Klone    Three.
Kow    Tie, fasten.
Kull    Hard, solid.
Kwahtah    Quarter.
Kwaist    Nine.
Kwan    Glad.
Kwass    Afraid.
Kwinum    Five.
Kwolan    Hear.
Klaska    They, them.
Klaxtah    Who, which.
Kahtah    How, why.
Kahkwa    Like.
Kimtah    Behind.
Klah    Clear of, clear.
Klahowya    How are you?
Klatawa    Go.
Klone    Three.
Klonas    Perhaps, if.
Kly    Cry.
Klosh    Good.
Klootchman    Woman.
Kokshut    All broken up.
Konaway    All.
Kunamox    Both.
Konce    When, how much, how many?
Kwonesum    Always.
Lamountín    Mountain.
Lalie    Short time.
Lamessin    Medicine, drugs.
Lapeep    Pipe.
Lokut    Four.
Líahb    Killikinick.
Lahash    Axe.
Lagoom    Pitch.
Lacasset    Trunk, box.
Lope    Rope, string.
Liplip    To boil.
Lesack    Bag, pocket.
Lepool    Grouse, chicken.
Lamah    Hand, arm.
Latait    Head.
Lapote    Door.
Laplash    Board, lumber.
Lepee    Foot.
Lolo    Carry.
Mahkook    Trade, buy, sell.
Mesahche    Vile, rotten.
Mitlite    Live, stay.
Muckamuck    Eat, food.
Mika    You, your.
Mesika    Yours, you-together.
Memaloose    Dead, destroyed.
Mamook    To do, act, move.
Mahsh    Throw away.
Mama    Mother.
Mox    Two.
Moon    Moon.
Moosmoos    Cattle or elk.
Moosum    Sleep.
Mowitch    Deer.
Man    Man or male sex.
Nah    Hello.
Nanage    See, seen. Will see.
Nem    Name.
Nika    I, me, my or mine.
Nesika    We, us, our.
Nowitka    Yes.
Ollalie    Berry.
Okeoke    That or this.
Oleman    Old.
Oiehut    Road.
Olo    Hungry.
Opoots    Rear, stern, tail.
Ow    Brother.
Pe    And, but, than, or, etc.
Pelton    Crazy.
Piah    Fire.
Polikely    Night.
Polalie    Powder, sand.
Potlatch    Give away.
Pahtlum    Drunk.
Pent    Paint.
Papa    Father.
Pahseesee    Blanket.
Pepah    Paper.
Pil    Red.
Poo    Shoot.
Pukkuk    Fight.
Pusspuss    Cougar, cat.
Sail    Cloth, woven goods.
Sapolil    Flour, meal.
Seeowist    Eyes, face.
Solleks    Mad, temper.
Spose    If.
Siah    Far, long distance.
Sitkum    One-half.
Skookum    Strong.
Stone    Stone, stone-like.
Sahale    Up, up above.
Salmon    Salmon.
Salt    Salt.
Schappo    Hat.
Shem    Shame.
Sukwah    Sugar.
Sick    Sick.
Sinamox    Seven.
Siawash    Indian of the Coast.
Skin    Skin.
Snass    Rain.
Stotekin    Eight.
Sun    Sun or day.
Stick    Tree, timber.
Tahmahnawis    Magic.
Tilacum    Friend.
Till    Tired, heavy.
Tenas    Little.
Tika    Want.
Tumtum    Heart.
Tyee    Chief, head man.
Tokum    Six.
Tatlum    Ten.
Talapus    Coyote.
Tanze    Dance.
Tatoosh    Milk, breast.
Tíkope    White.
Tomollah    Tomorrow.
Twagh    Bright.
Tísee    Sweet.
Tschug    Crack, split.
Tuckamonuck    One hundred.
Tupshin    Needle.
Tipso    Hair.
Tízum    Mixed colors.
Ugh    Grunted exclamation of surprise, etc.
Wake    None, not.
Wawa    Talk.
Wapato    Potato.
Waum    Warm.
Wind    Wind.
Yahka    He, him, her.
Yowah    Here or there.

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