Shaw’s Dictionary



Abba,* well then.
Addedah,* exclamation of pain, sorrow, surprise.
Ah-ha,* yes.
Ahnkuttie, formerly; ago.
Alah,* expression of surprise.
Alki, soon.
Alta, now.
Amota,* strawberry.
Anah,* exclamation of pain or displeasure; ah! oh! fie!
Ats, younger sister.
Ats,* younger sister.
Ayahwhul,* to lend; to borrow.


Bebe,* a kiss; to kiss.
Bit,* a dime, or shilling.
Bloom,* broom.
Boat, boat.
Book, book.
Boston, American.
Burdash,* an hermaphrodite.
By-by, by-and-by.


Callipeen,* a rifle.
Canim, canoe.
Capo, coat.
Chakchak,* the bald eagle.
Chako, to come.
Chee, lately.
Chetlo,* oyster.
Chetwoot,* the black bear.
Chikamin, metal; money.
Chik-chik, or Tsiktsik, wagon.
Chilchil, or Tsiltsil,* buttons; the stars.
Chitsh,* a grandmother.
Chope,* a grandfather.
Chotub,* flea.
Chuck, water.
Chukkin,* to kick.
Cly, to cry.
Cole, cold; winter; year.
Comb,* a comb.
Cooley, to run.
Coopcoop,* small dentalium, or shell money.
Cosho, hog.
Coulee,* a valley.
Court, court.
Cultus, worthless; nothing.


Delate, straight; direct, true.
Dly, dry.
Doctin, doctor.
Dolla, dollar, money.
Dutchman, German.


Eena,* beaver.
Ekkahnam,* tale, story.
Ekkeh,* brother-in-law.
Ekkoli,* whale.
Elahan,* aid; assistance; alms.
Elip, first; before.
Elite,* a slave.
Enati, across.
Esalt’h, or Yesalt’h,* Indian corn; maize.
Eyeh,* yes.


Getup, rise; risen.
Glease, grease.


Hahlakl, wide; open.
Hahthaht,* the mallard duck.
Halo, not; none.
Haul, to haul; pull.
Heehee, to laugh; laughter.
Help, to help.
Hohhoh,* to cough.
Hokumelh,* to gather; glean.
Hoolhool, mouse.
House, house.
Howh,* turn to; hurry; ho!
Howkwutl,* inability; unable.
Hullel, to shake.
Huloima, other; another.
Humm, bad odor.
Hunlkih,* crooked; knotted; curled.
Huyhuy, exchange; bargain.
Hwah,* surprise; admiration; earnestness.
Hyak, swift; fast; hurry.
Hyas, great; very.
Hyiu, much.
Hykwa,* shell money; large dentalium.


Ik-ik,* fish hook.
Ikpooie, to shut.
Ikt, one; once.
Iktah, what.
Iktas, things.
Illahee, land.
Inapoo, louse.
Isick, a paddle.
Iskum, to take; receive.
Itlan,* a fathom.
Itlokum, the game of "hand."
Itswoot, a bear.
Itwillie, flesh.


Kah, where; whence; whither.
Kahdenah,* to fight.
Kahkah,* a crow.
Kahkwa, like; similar to.
Kahnaway,* acorns.
Kahpho, elder brother.
Kahpho,* elder brother.
Kalakala, a bird.
Kalakalahma,* a goose.
Kalakwahtie,* inner bark of the cedar; woman’s petticoat of bark.
Kalitan, arrow; shot.
Kamas, scilla esculenta.
Kamooks, a dog.
Kamosuk,* beads.
Kapswalla, to steal.
Katsuk, middle.
Kaupy, coffee.
Kawak,* to fly.
Kawkawak,* yellow or pale green.
Keekwulee, low; below.
Keepwot,* needle; pin; thorn; sting of an insect.
Kehloke, or Kaloke,* a swan.
Kehsee,* an apron.
Kehwa,* because.
Keschi,* notwithstanding; although.
Ketling,* kettle; can; basin.
Kilapi, to turn; return; upset.
Kilitsut,* flint; bottle; glass.
Kimta, behind; after.
King Chautsh, English.
Kinnikinnik,* smoking weed (mixture).
Kinootl,* tobacco; smoking.
Kishkish, to drive.
Kiuatan, a horse.
Kiwa,* crooked.
Kiyah,* entrails.
Klah, free; clear; in sight.
Klahanie, out of doors; out.
Klahowya, the common salutation.
Klahowyum, poor; wretched.
Klahwa, slow; slowly.
Klak, off; out; away.
Klaksta, who? what one?
Klakwun,* to wipe, or lick.
Klale, black.
Klapite,* thread; twine.
Klaska, they; their; them.
Klatawa, to go.
Klawhop,* a hole.
Klemahun,* to stab, wound, spear.
Klikamuks,* blackberries.
Klikwallie,* brass wire; brass armlet.
Klilt, or Klile,* sour, bitter.
Kliminawhit, a lie.
Klimmin, soft; fine.
Klip, deep.
Kliskwiss, mat.
Klohkloh,* oysters. See chetlo.
Klonas, perhaps.
Klone, three.
Klook,* crooked.
Klootchman, woman; female.
Kloshe, good.
Kloshe-spose, shall or may I.
Kluh, or Klugh,* to tear; to plow.
Klukulh,* broad, or wide, as of a plank.
Ko, to reach; arrive at.
Koko,* to knock.
Koko-stick,* woodpecker.
Kokshut, to break; broken.
Konaway, all; every.
Koosah,* sky.
Kopa, to; in; at; etc.
Kopet, to stop; leave off.
Kow, to tie; fasten.
Kull, hard.
Kullaghan, a fence.
Kumtuks, to know.
Kunamokst, both.
Kunjih, how many.
Kushis,* stockings.
Kwahnesum, always.
Kwahnice, or Kwaddis,* whale.
Kwahtah, a quarter.
Kwaist, nine.
Kwal’h,* an aunt.
Kwalalkwalal,* to gallop.
Kwann, glad.
Kwass, afraid.
Kwates,* sour; bitter; not pleased.
Kwehkweh,* a mallard duck.
Kwekwiens,* a pin.
Kwelth,* proud.
Kweokweo,* a ring; a circle.
Kwinnum, five.
Kwish,* exclamation of refusal
Kwitshadie,* hare; rabbit.
Kwolan, the ear.
Kwulh, or Kwult’h,* to hit, strike, or wound (without cutting).
Kwunnun,* counting; numbers.
Kwutl,* literally, fast; to push or squeeze.


La bleed,* a bridle.
La boos, or La push, mouth.
La booti,* bottle.
La calat,* carrot.
La caset, a box.
La cloa, a cross.
La gome, pitch; gum.
La gwin,* a saw.
La hash, an axe.
La lahm, an oar.
La lang, the tongue.
La leem,* a file.
La messe, ceremony of the mass.
La metsin, medicine.
La monti, a mountain.
La peep, a tobaccopipe.
La pehsh,* a pole.
La pellah, roasted.
La pelle,* a shovel or spade.
La peosh,* a mattock or hoe.
La piege,* a trap.
La plash, board.
La poel,* a frying pan.
La pome, apple.
La pool,* fowl; poultry.
La pooshet,* fork.
La pote, door.
La sanjel,* girth, sash, belt.
La see,* a saw.
La sell,* saddle.
La shalloo,* plough.
La shandel,* a candle.
La shase,* chair.
La shen,* a chain.
La sway,* silk, silken.
La tahb,* table.
La tet, the head.
La tlah,* noise.
La wen, oats.
La west,* waistcoat, vest.
Lagh,* to tip; to lean; to stoop; to bend over.
Lahb, the arbutus uva ursi.
Lakit, or Lokit, four.
Lakles,* fat; oil; grease.
Lalah,* to cheat, trick; joke with.
Laly, time.
Lammieh, or Lummieh, an old woman.
Lassiet,* a plate.
Law, law.
Le bahdo, or La bado,* a shingle.
Le bal, ball.
Le biskwie,* biscuit, crackers, hard bread.
Le blau,* a sorrel horse; chestnut colored.
Le clem,* creamcolored.
Le cock,* a cock; a fowl.
Le doo,* finger.
Le gley,* a grey horse; gray.
Le jaub, the devil.
Le kleh, key.
Le kloo,* nail; nails.
Le koo,* neck.
Le loba,* ribbon.
Le loo,* wolf.
Le mah, hand.
Le mahto,* hammer.
Le mel, mule.
Le molo, wild.
Le mooto, sheep.
Le pan,* bread.
Le pee, foot.
Le pishemo, saddleblanket or housing.
Le plet, priest.
Le pwau,* peas.
Le sak, bag.
Le sap,* egg; eggs.
Le seeblo,* spurs.
Le seezo,* scissors.
Le sook,* sugar.
Le tah,* the teeth.
Le whet, a whip.
Lekye,* spot; spotted; a piebald horse.
Lice, rice.
Likpuhu,* a sister; an elder sister.
Liplip, to boil.
Liver, river.
Lolo, to carry.
Lope, rope.
Lowullo, round.
Lukutchee,* clams.
Lum, rum; whiskey.


Mahkook, to buy.
Mahlie,* to forget.
Mahlieh, to marry.
Mahsh, to sell; to leave.
Mahsie, thanks.
Mahtinnlie, off shore.
Mahtwillie, in shore.
Malah,* tin ware, earthenware, dishes.
Mama, mother.
Mamook, action; to work; to make; to do.
Man, man; male.
Melakwa,* a mosquito.
Melass, molasses.
Mesachie, bad.
Mesika, you; your; yours.
Mika, thou; thy; thine.
Mimie, down stream.
Mistchimas,* slave.
Mitass,* leggings.
Mitlite, to sit; remain; to be; have.
Mitwhit, to stand.
Mokst, two.
Moola, a mill.
Moolock, or Moolack, an elk.
Moon, moon; month.
Moosmoos, buffalo; cattle.
Mowitsh, a deer.
Muckamuck, food, to eat.
Musket, musket; gun.


Na, the interrogative particle.
Nah, interj., look here!
Naha, or Na-ah, a mother.
Nanich, to see; look.
Nauits,* off shore; on the stream; the sea-beach.
Nawitka, yes; certainly.
Nem, a name.
Nenamooks,* the land otter.
Nesika, we; us; our.
Newhah, here; come here.
Nika, I; me; my; mine.
Nose, the nose.


Okoke, this; that; it.
Olallie, berries.
Olapitski,* fire.
Oleman, old man; old.
Olhyiu,* a seal.
Olo, hungry.
Oluk,* a snake.
Ona,* razor fish or solen; clams.
Ooakut, or Wayhut, road; way.
Ooskan,* a cup; a bowl.
Opekwan,* basket; can; tin kettle.
Opitlkegh,* bow.
Opitsah,* knife, razor, sword.
Opoots, tail.
Otelagh,* the sun.
Ow, younger brother.


Pahtl, full.
Paint, paint.
Papa, father.
Pasese, blanket; woolen cloth.
Pasiooks, French; a Frenchman.
Pchih, or Pitchih,* thin, as of a board.
Pe, and; but.
Pechugh,* green.
Pehpah, paper.
Pelton, a fool; insane.
Peshak, bad.
Pewhattie,* thin, slight, flimsy.
Piah, fire.
Pil, red.
Pilpil, blood.
Pish, fish.
Pitlilh,* thick, as molasses.
Piupiu, to stink.
Poh, to blow; a puff of breath.
Polaklie, night.
Polallie, gunpowder; sand.
Poo, the sound of a gun.
Poolie,* rotten.
Potlatch, a gift; to give.
Powitsh,* crabapple.
Pukpuk, a blow with the fist.
Pusspuss, cat.


Saghalie, above, up.
Sail, sail; cloth; flag.
Sakoleks, trousers.
Sallal, the sallal berry.
Salmon, salmon; fish.
Salt, salt.
Sandelie,* roan-colored; a roan horse; ash-colored.
Sapolill, wheat; flour.
Seahhost, face; eyes.
Seahpo, hat.
Self, self.
Shame, shame.
Shantie, to sing.
Shelokum,* looking-glass; glass.
Ship, ship.
Shoes, shoes.
Shot, shot.
Shugah, sugar.
Shugh,* a rattle.
Shughopoots,* a rattlesnake.
Shut,* a shirt.
Shwakuk,* a frog.
Siah, far.
Siam, the grizzly bear.
Sick, sick.
Sikhs, a friend.
Sinamokst, seven.
Sipah,* straight, like a ramrod.
Siskiyou, a bob-tailed horse.
Sitkum, half; part.
Sitlay,* stirrups.
Sitshum,* to swim.
Siwash, Indian.
Skin, skin.
Skookum, strong.
Skwakwal,* a lamprey eel.
Skwiskwis,* a squirrel.
Slahal, a game; to gamble.
Smetocks,* the large clam.
Smoke,* smoke, clouds, fog, steam.
Snass, rain.
Soap,* soap.
Solemie,* the cranberry.
Solleks, angry; anger.
Sopena, to jump.
Spooh,* faded; any light color.
Spoon,* a spoon.
Spose, suppose; if.
Stick, stick; wood.
Stocken, stocking.
Stoh, loose; to untie.
Stone, stone.
Stotekin, eight.
Stutchun, sturgeon.
Sukwalal,* a gun or musket.
Sun, sun; day.
Sunday, Sunday; week.


T’kope, white.
Taghum, six.
Tahlkie, yesterday.
Tahnim,* to measure.
Tahtlum, ten.
Talapus, coyote; prairie wolf.
Tamanhous, magic; the spirits.
Tamolitsh, barrel; tub.
Tamolla, tomorrow.
Tanse, dance.
Tatoosh, milk; breast.
Teahwit, leg; foot.
Tehteh,* to trot, as a horse.
Tenas, small; few; little.
Tepeh,* qill, wing.
Thousand, thousand.
Tikegh, to want; to love.
Tiktik, a watch.
Tilikummama,* a father.
Till, tired; heavy.
Tillikum, people; relations.
Tintin, bell; o'clock.
Tl’kope, to cut.
Toh, spitting.
Toketie,* pretty.
Tolo, to earn; gain.
Toluks,* the mussel.
Tot,* uncle.
Toto,* to shake, sift, winnow.
Totoosh, see tatoosh.
Towagh, bright, shining.
Tsee, sweet.
Tseepie, to mistake.
Tshike,* directly, soon.
Tshis,* cold.
Tsiatko, a nocturnal demon.
Tsiktsik, see chik-chik. Tsish,* a grindstone.
Tsolepat,* a shotpouch.
Tsolo,* to wander; to lose the way.
Tsugh, a crack, or split.
Tukamonuk, hundred.
Tukwilla,* nuts; the hazel nut.
Tumtum, the heart; will; mind.
Tumwata, water fall.
Tupso, grass.
Tupsshin, needle.
Tyee, chief.
Tzum, spots; writing.


Wagh, to pour out; to vomit.
Wake, no not.
Waki,* tomorrow.
Wapatoo, potato.
Wash, to wash.
Washington, Washington.
Waum, warm.
Wawa, to talk.
Wayhut, see ooakut.
Week, a week.
Weght, again; also; more.
Whim,* to fell; to throw, in wrestling.
Winapie, soon; presently.
Wind, wind; breath; life.


Yahhul,* a name.
Yahka, he; she; it; his; etc.
Yahkisilt’h,* sharp, cutting.
Yahwa, there; thence.
Yakso, hair.
Yakwahtin, entrails.
Yiem, a story; to relate.
Youtl, proud; pleased.
Youtlkut, long.
Youtskut, short.
Yukwa, here.

Note: The source for this page is "The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It: A Complete and Exhaustive Lexicon of the Oldest Trade Language of the American Continent," by George C. Shaw (Rainier Printing Company, 1909), pp. 31-33 ("Index   Vocabulary Words"), and pp. 34-36 ("Supplemental Vocabulary: Less Familiar Words   Not Strictly Jargon   or of Only Local Use"). This list does not appear in his book; the two lists mentioned are combined here for ease of reference. Words relegated by Shaw to his "supplemental vocabulary" are distinguished by asterisks (*).

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