Vocabulary Words


Ahnkuttie, formerly; ago.
Alki, soon.
Alta, now.
Ats, younger sister.


Boat, boat.
Book, book.
Boston, American.
By-by, by-and-by.


Canim, canoe.
Capo, coat.
Chako, to come.
Chee, lately.
Chikamin, metal; money.
Chikchik, wagon.
Chitsh, grandfather.
Chope, grandmother.
Chuck, water.
Cly, to cry.
Cole, cold; winter; year.
Cooley, to run.
Cosho, hog.
Court, court.
Cultus, worthless; nothing.


Delate, straight; direct, true.
Dly, dry.
Doctin, doctor.
Dolla, dollar, money.
Dutchman, German.


Elip, first; before.
Enati, across.


Get-up, rise; risen.
Glease, grease.


Hahlakl, wide; open.
Halo, not; none.
Haul, to haul; pull.
Heehee, to laugh; laughter.
Help, to help.
Hoolhool, mouse.
House, house.
Hullel, to shake.
Huloima, other; another.
Humm, bad odor.
Huyhuy, exchange; bargain.
Hyak, swift; fast; hurry.
Hyas, great; very.
Hyiu, much.


Ikpooie, to shut.
Ikt, one; once.
Iktah, what.
Iktas, things.
Illahee, land.
Inapoo, louse.
Isick, a paddle.
Iskum, to take; receive.
Itlokum, the game of "hand."
Itwillie, flesh.
Itswoot, a bear.


Kah, where; whence; whither.
Kahkwa, like; similar to.
Kahpho, elder brother.
Kalitan, arrow; shot.
Kalakala, a bird.
Kamas, scilla esculenta.
Kamooks, a dog.
Kapswalla, to steal.
Katsuk, middle.
Kaupy, coffee.
Keekwulee, low; below.
Kilapi, to turn; return; upset.
Kimta, behind; after.
King Chautsh, English.
Kishkish, to drive.
Kiuatan, a horse.
Klah, free; clear; in sight.
Klahanie, out of doors; out.
Klahowya, the common salutation.
Klahowyum, poor; wretched.
Klahwa, slow; slowly.
Klak, off; out; away.
Klaksta, who? what one?
Klale, black.
Klaska, they; their; them.
Klatawa, to go.
Kliminawhit, a lie.
Klimmin, soft; fine.
Klip, deep.
Kliskwiss, mat.
Klonas, perhaps.
Klone, three.
Kloshe, good.
Kloshe-spose, shall or may I.
Klootchman, woman; female.
Ko, to reach; arrive at.
Kokshut, to break; broken.
Konaway, all; every.
Kopa, to; in; at; etc.
Kopet, to stop; leave off.
Kow, to tie; fasten.
Kull, hard.
Kullaghan, a fence.
Kumtuks, to know.
Kunamokst, both.
Kunjih, how many.
Kwahnesum, always.
Kwahtah, a quarter.
Kwaist, nine.
Kwann, glad.
Kwass, afraid.
Kwinnum, five.
Kwolan, the ear.


La boos, or La push, mouth.
La caset, a box.
La cloa, a cross.
La gome, pitch; gum.
La hash, an axe.
Lahb, the arbutus uva ursi.
Lakit, or Lokit, four.
La lahm, an oar.
La lang, the tongue.
Laly, time.
La messe, ceremony of the mass.
La metsin, medicine.
Lammieh, or Lummieh, an old woman.
La monti, a mountain.
La peep, a tobacco-pipe.
La pellah, roasted.
La plash, board.
La pome, apple.
La pote, door.
La tet, the head.
Law, law.
La wen, oats.
Le bal, ball.
Le jaub, the devil.
Le kleh, key.
Le mah, hand.
Le mel, mule.
Le molo, wild.
Le mooto, sheep.
Le pee, foot.
Le plet, priest.
Le sak, bag.
Le whet, a whip.
Lice, rice.
Liver, river.
Liplip, to boil.
Lolo, to carry.
Lowullo, round.
Lope, rope.
Lum, rum; whiskey.


Mahkook, to buy.
Mahsh, to sell; to leave.
Mahsie, thanks.
Mahtinnlie, off shore.
Mahtwillie, in shore.
Mahlieh, to marry.
Mama, mother.
Mamook, action; to work; to make; to do.
Man, man; male.
Melass, molasses.
Mesachie, bad.
Mesika, you; your; yours.
Mika, thou; thy; thine.
Mimie, down stream.
Mitlite, to sit; remain; to be; have.
Mitwhit, to stand.
Mokst, two.
Moola, a mill.
Moolack, an elk.
Moon, moon; month.
Moosmoos, buffalo; cattle.
Mowitsh, a deer.
Muckamuck, food, to eat.
Musket, musket; gun.


Na, the interrogative particle.
Naha, a mother.
Nah, interj., look here!
Nanich, to see; look.
Nawitka, yes; certainly.
Nem, a name.
Nesika, we; us; our.
Newhah, here; come here.
Nika, I; me; my; mine.
Nose, the nose.


Okoke, this; that; it.
Olallie, berries.
Oleman, old man; old.
Olo, hungry.
Ooakut, or Wayhut, road; way.
Opoots, tail.
Ow, younger brother.


Pahtl, full.
Paint, paint.
Papa, father.
Pasese, blanket; woolen cloth.
Pasiooks, French; a Frenchman.
Pe, and; but.
Pehpah, paper.
Pelton, a fool; insane.
Peshak, bad.
Piah, fire.
Pil, red.
Pilpil, blood.
Pish, fish.
Piupiu, to stink.
Poh, to blow; a puff of breath.
Polaklie, night.
Polallie, gunpowder; sand.
Poo, the sound of a gun.
Potlatch, a gift; to give.
Pukpuk, a blow with the fist.
Pusspuss, cat.


Saghalie, above, up.
Sail, sail; cloth; flag.
Sakoleks, trousers.
Sallal, the sallal berry.
Salmon, salmon; fish.
Salt, salt.
Sapolill, wheat; flour.
Seahhost, face; eyes.
Seahpo, hat.
Self, self.
Shame, shame.
Shantie, to sing.
Ship, ship.
Shoes, shoes.
Shot, shot.
Shugah, sugar.
Siah, far.
Siam, the grizzly bear.
Sick, sick.
Sikhs, a friend.
Sinamokst, seven.
Siskiyou, a bob-tailed horse.
Sitkum, half; part.
Siwash, Indian.
Skin, skin.
Skookum, strong.
Slahal, a game; to gamble.
Snass, rain.
Solleks, angry; anger.
Sopena, to jump.
Spose, suppose; if.
Stick, stick; wood.
Stocken, stocking.
Stoh, loose; to untie.
Stone, stone.
Stotekin, eight.
Stutchun, sturgeon.
Sun, sun; day.
Sunday, Sunday; week.


Taghum, six.
Tahlkie, yesterday.
Tahtlum, ten.
Talapus, coyote; prairie wolf.
Tamanhous, magic; the spirits.
Tamolitsh, barrel; tub.
Tanse, dance.
Tatoosh, milk; breast.
Teahwit, leg; foot.
Tenas, small; few; little.
Thousand, thousand.
Tikegh, to want; to love.
Tiktik, a watch.
Tillikum, people; relations.
Till, tired; heavy.
Tintin, bell; o'clock.
T’kope, white.
Tl’kope, to cut.
Toh, spitting.
Tolo, to earn; gain.
Tamolla, tomorrow.
Totoosh, see tatoosh.
bright, shining.
Tsee, sweet.
Tseepie, to mistake.
Tsiatko, a nocturnal demon.
Tsiktsik, see chik chik.
a crack, or split.
Tukamonuk, hundred.
Tumtum, the heart; will; mind.
Tumwata, water fall.
Tupsshin, needle.
Tupso, grass.
Tyee, chief.
Tzum, spots; writing.


Wagh, to pour out; to vomit.
Wake, no not.
Wapatoo, potato.
Wash, to wash.
Washington, Washington.
Waum, warm.
Wawa, to talk.
Wayhut, see ooakut.
a week.
Weght, again; also; more.
Winapie, soon; presently.
Wind, wind; breath; life.


Yahka, he; she; it; his; etc.
Yahwa, there; thence.
Yakso, hair.
Yakwahtin, entrails.
Yiem, a story; to relate.
Youtl, proud; pleased.
Youtlkut, long.
Youtskut, short.
Yukwa, here.  


[Please note that this list is only an index to the main Lexicon; it does not offer pronunciation or word origins, and excludes the words listed by Shaw in his "Supplemental Vocabulary" ("Less Familiar Words—Not Strictly Jargon—or of Only Local Use"). For ease of reference these two sections may be seen merged together in this HTML edition as the "Combined Vocabulary."]

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