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"Tenas Wawa" was a semimonthly newsletter about the Chinook Jargon published in Poulsbo, Washington, over four recent years. It was produced for the purpose of preserving and teaching the language, and thereby promote appreciation for Northwest native culture and the pioneer era. It encouraged interest with clever original art and stories related to Northwest history and native life written in Jargon, with literal English translation provided. The newsletters are beautifully written and illustrated, delightful to read, and furnish a substantial example of Jargon dialog.

Back issues of "Tenas Wawa" remain available. 27 issues were produced, plus Duane's 1995 closing letter. The newsletters are 8-1/2" x 11" and average ten pages each. The first issue is all in Jargon (no English translation). The "Moola John" saga begins in the 12th issue, August 1992, and runs through the end.

Duane Pasco has also written a contemporary Jargon dictionary and tutorial, "KLAHOWYA, A Handbook for Learing Chinook Jargon," which includes a companion spoken audio cassette. The dictionary  handbook is compiled from many historical Jargon dictionaries, vocabularies, and texts, as well as personal interviews, with the intent of providing the utmost in authenticity and accuracy. The handbook is now in its third edition and is 30 pages; the cassette is 90 minutes in length.

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