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An Excerpt from "KLAHOWYA": Six short stories in Jargon are included in the book and tape for study. Three of the stories are accompanied by English translation. One is reproduced below.
Hear Duane Pasco read this story in Jargon:

(The story:) (In Jargon:) (Literal from Jargon:)
Once upon a time, when the earth was new, a year went by with no rain. Many people became sick and many died. They traveled far in search of water, but found none. Hiyu laly ahnktiuie, ikt yeah, kunsih konaway illahee, yaka chee, snass halo chako. Tillikum, klaska halo kwan. Hiyu tillikum, klaska chako sick pe hiyu chako memaloose. Hiyu tillikum klatawa siah pe nanitch spose klaska klonas iskum chuck, keschi klaska halo klap. Much time past, one year, when all land him new, rain not come. People, them not happy. Many people, them become sick and many become dead. Many people go far and look if them maybe get water, but them not find.
One day, high up in the sky, a little cloud looked down and saw that the people were without water for a whole year and he wanted to help. Ikt sun, saghalie kopa koosa, ikt tenas koosa smoke, yaka nanitch keekwullie kopa illahee. Yaka kumtux kopa eye, tillikum halo iskum chuck okoke yeah. Okoke tenas koosa smoke, yaka tikegh mamook elan. One day, up to sky, one small cloud, him look down to land. Him know to eye, people not get water that year. That little cloud, him want do help.
The little cloud saw a large mountain not far away. He sailed over to it and said, "Oh, big mountain, I want to help the people. They have been without water for a long time. do you think you could make me rain?" Okoke tenas koosa smoke, yaka nanitch hyas la monti wake siah. Tenas koosa smoke, yaka kawak kopa okoke hyas la monti. Yaka wawa, "Oh, hyas la monti, naika tikegh mamook elan kopa tillikum. Hiyu laly, alta, klaska halo iskum chuck. Klonas maika kumtux mamook naika snass?" That little cloud, him look big mountain not far. Little cloud, him fly to that big mountain. Him talk, "Oh, big mountain, me want do help to people. Much time, now, them not get water. Maybe you know make me rain?"
The big mountain said, "You are a good little cloud, indeed. I will help, if you will bump into me." Hyas la monti, yaka wawa, "Maika nawitka kloshe tenas koosa smoke. Naika elan spose maika pe naika chako kunamokst." Big mountain, him talk, "You indeed good little cloud. Me help if you and me come together."
Now, the little cloud flew fast and hit the big mountain. The little cloud split open and the rain poured out for a long time. After, all the lakes became flill and all the rivers became full. The people had lots of water. The people were able to wash and had plenty to drink. The people weren't sick any more. Alta, okoke tenas koosa smoke, yaka kawak hyak pe kokshut la monti. Tenas koosa smoke chako hahlakl. Alta, hiyu snass whim kopa illahie. Snass, yaka whim hyas laly. Kimta, konaway lake chako pahtl. Konaway stalo chako pahtl.Tillikum iskum hiyu chuck Tillikum klaska wash pe mukamuk chuck. Konaway tillikums, klaska sick kopet. Now, that little cloud, him fly fast and hit mountain. Little cloud become open. Now, much rain fall to land. Rain, him fall much time. After, all lake become full. All river become full. People get much water. People, them wash and consume water. All people, them sick stop.
The people were very happy now. They looked up at the sky and saw the little cloud. They knew that it was he who caused the rain. All the people raised their arms and called, "Thank you, little cloud, thank you!" Alta, tillikum, klaska hiyu kwan. Klaska nanitch saghalie kopa koosa. Klaska nanitch okoke tenas koosa smoke pe kumtux yaka mamook snass. Konaway tillikum, klaska mitwhit klaska lamah saghalie pe wawa kunamokst, "Mahsie, tenas koosa smoke, mahsie!" Now, people, them much happy. Them look up to sky. Them look that little cloud and know him make rain. All people, them raise them arm up and talk together, "Thanks, little cloud, thanks!"
End of story. Ekahnum kopet. Story stop.

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