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"Tenas Wawa" Web Site History and Copyright
September 2014Updated audio player. Removed RealAudio links.
February 2010Worldnet closes down, so I lose my Web address. Jim Holton graciously agrees to host the site on his server.
March 2004Simplified linking and prepared site to stand alone in final form.
May 2003Site moved to att.net (AT&T Worldnet) from attbi.com (AT&T Broadband) when attbi sold to Comcast. Referral stubs remain at original Geocities location, but unfortunately links to site at attbi went 404 when that domain was closed.
Jan-Feb 2002Moved site from Geocities to home.attbi.com and divided from a separate but related site it had been developed beside.

Restored streaming audio (RealAudio metafile pseudo-stream) which had been disabled by changes in Geocities' server protocol. Added MP3 versions of Duane's Jargon recordings alongside RealAudio.

December 2001Collage of drawings on contents page and epilog given transparent background and made into a clickable image map.
November 2001Second annual increase in visitors during early fall noted; suggests site is becoming part of some school curriculums.
Spring 2001After a surge of visits in October, the count fell off sharply in December and the old URL of ~tenaswawa was discovered to no longer work due to a server protocol change at Geocities. (The tilde was originally necessary, then optional.) By March links to the site were backtracked and their webmasters were notified of this change, and updated the search engines.
September 2000Hit counter at 6700 and increasing by over 100 weekly.
March 12, 1999Duane sings "Klootzman kopa Wayhut" in RealAudio
April 17, 1998Moola John Episode #16 and Epilog to the saga
April 2, 1998Biography of Duane Pasco: Northwest artist and creator of the "Tenas Wawa." [Removed as outdated Spring 2003; please see Duane's new Website.]
March 18, 1998Pop-up ads begin appearing on Geocities' free pages, so registered for Geocities Plus. This also yielded the simpler URL of http://www.geocities.com/tenaswawa.
Moola John episodes #2-15 added.
February 2, 1998Remainder of Jargon Notes and Talk Boxes
January 25, 1998"Tenas Wawa" pages in color.
January 20, 1998What's New (revision history) page
Table of Contents
November 22, 1997Listed in Yahoo!
November 12, 1997"Tenas Wawa" Home Page created.
The Origins and Evolution of the Chinook Jargon
A Brief History of Chinook Jargon Dictionaries
October 11, 1997Epilog to the "Tenas Wawa" added to an existing, related Web site
August, 1997Indexed all articles and illustrations of the two dozen issues of the printed "Tenas Wawa" preparatory to building Web presentation. Floppies containing original PageMaker files used for production of half of the issues located.
July, 1997Discovered a page from 1/94 at the SSILA Web site about the semimonthly "Tenas Wawa." Sent for back issues and arranged permission to present excerpts on Web.

"Tenas Wawa - The Chinook Jargon Voice" is copyright © 1991-1995 (print) and 1997-1999 (Web presentation of excerpts) by Duane Pasco, Poulsbo, Washington, USA.

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