TENAS WAWA--The Chinook Jargon Voice "Sawmill John"

Episode 15

Swan's encounter with the bear served as ample fuel for conversation, jokes, and   as might be expected   even a song from Chikamin Charlie. This one was close to the tune of "Green Grow the Lilacs":
Charlie: "Spose ma-ika nanitch chetwoot wake siah,
Cha-ako kwass pe tikegh klatawa,
Elip maika coo-oolie, halo maleeh,
Haul maika sakoleks sa-aghalie!"
"If you see black bear near,
Become afraid and want to go,
Before you run, don't forget,
Pull you pants up!"
This was preceded and followed by a chorus, and the whole repeated several times.
Weather conditions held throughout the remainder of the day. Good time was made, and as the canoe turned into Port Madison, a nearly unanimous decision was made not to stop at Suquamish.
Swan had urgent business in Olympia, and the hospitality of Sealth, chief of the Suquamish, might delay them. Skookum Tom and Prince Albert had hoped that an overnight stay there might involve them in a disc game or maybe Slahal. But both women were eager to see Olympia, and Jim, as a businessman, was willing to bend to the wishes of his client.
The sun was sinking low as Dungeness Jim and party neared the village and the entrance to Agate Pass. They passed several Suquamish canoes returning from the fish weirs at the head of Miller Bay, and the Port Madison mill at Hidden Cove on Bainbridge Island.
Swift transit was made through the pass on a southbound rip. Jim steered the canoe into Manzanita Bay, just as the sun dropped over the Olympics. A hasty "cold camp" was made in the last light of the day.
The canoe was on the water before dawn the next morning. The water was calm, but the fog forced them to hold to the west shore of Bainbridge Island. Two hours later they cut through Rich Passage. The fog lifted and they headed straight south past Blake Island to Point Southworth. After fighting the current at the entrance to Colvos Passage, they beached the canoe near a new cabin occupied by a settler and his wife by the last name of White.
Jim had met them before. "Mistah White," as Jim referred to him, fired a musket in the air from his porch as a greeting. Within minutes the couple came bounding down to the canoe. "Mistah White" was carrying a gallon pot of steaming coffee. When some in the party commented on the speed with which he manufactured the brew, he answered that he kept two pots of that size on his stove day and night.
He was a dramatic figure of a man. Roughly fifty years of age, he was tall, raw-boned and blue-eyed. On his head grew a great crown of curly silver hair, complimented by a "Fu Manchu" mustachio, which hung easily a foot below his chin.
Mrs. White was much younger than he, tall and lean. She was known by the local natives as "Moon Lady" because when the moon was full they would often see her near the water's edge, dancing.
"Moon Lady" carried an Indian burden basket, and from beneath a towel she brought forth two fresh loaves of white bread.
Two hours later the Whites were thanked for their generosity and the journey was resumed.
An earlier camp was made that night in Gig Harbor, complete with fire, a hearty meal and a good night's sleep.
At first light the canoe caught the flood tide, making good time through the Narrows. A few miles were saved by avoiding Fort Nisqually and cutting through Balch Passage, between McNeil and Anderson islands.
It was a beautiful fall day, with no wind and a fairly clear sky. About ten o'clock Jim steered the canoe inside a small spit just north of Devil's Point. The canoe was hauled up and preparations made for a long lunch. Jim calculated that a noon departure would have them in Olympia around three in the afternoon. The men gathered firewood, and the women prepared lunch.
It felt good to stretch out after a leisurely meal. From their vantage point the great snow-capped mass of Mount Rainier loomed in the east, and was the source of much conversation.
Jim began to narrate a story he had heard:

Youtlkut laly ahnkuttie, wake siah Nisqually, mitlite ikt man. Yaka nem Hamitchou. Yaka pe klootzman, klaska mitlite kopa ole house, keschi halo kopa town. Hamitchou halo tikegh mitlite kunamokst hiyu tillikum pe yaka halo mitlite sihks. Long time past, near Nisqually, live one man. Him name Hamitchou. Him and woman, them live in old house, but not in village. Hamitchou not want live with many people and him not have friends.
Hamitchou, yaka delate skookum pe yaka kumtux hiyu iktas. Hamitchou delate kumtux animal pe kalakala. Yaka kumtux konaway iktas kopa stick illahee. Hamitchou, him very strong and him know many thing. Hamitchou very understand animal and bird. Him understand all thing in forest.
Hamitchou, yaka mamook elip kloshe animal pe pish la piege. Yaka kumtux ka mahsh la piege pe iskum animal pe pish. Hamitchou, yaka mamook elip kloshe opitlkegh pe kaleetan. Hamitchou, yaka eye kloshe, nawitka. Yaka kwanesum kumtux ka klap animal pe kwanesum pooh kaleetan sopah. Hamitchou pe yaka klootzman kwanesum mitlite hiyu pish pe itlwillie. Klaska mukamuk kloshe. Hamitchou, him make best animal and fish trap. Him know where put trap and catch animal and fish. Hamitchou, him make best bow and arrow. Hamitchou, him eye good, indeed. Him always know where find animal and him always shoot arrow straight. Hamitchou and woman always have much fish and meat. Them eat good.
Kehwa Hamitchou mitlite hiyu pish, itlwillie pe animal skin, yaka kwanesum huy-huy. Hamitchou, yaka delate tikegh hykwah. Yaka mitlite hiyu hykwah, keschi yaka kwanesum tikegh iskum hiyu weght. Because Hamitchou always have much fish, meat and animal skin, him always trade. Hamitchou, him very like delantium. Him have much delantium, but him always want get more.
Hamitchou, yaka halo kloshe man. Hamitchou klootzman delate kiawali yaka man, keschi Hamitchou halo kloshe kopa yaka. Klootzman halo mitlite kamosuk pe pil chikamin kweo-kweo kahkwa konaway klootzman. Hamitchou, him not good man. Hamitchou woman very love her man, but Hamitchou not good to her. Woman blanket and clothes not good. Woman not have beads and copper bracelets same like other woman.
Hamitchou mitlite konaway yaka hykwah kopa hyas la caset kopa house. Spose klootzman tikegh makook chee iktas, Hamitchou kwanesum wawa, "Naika halo huy-huy naika hykwah!" Klootzman cly. Hamitchou keep all him delantium in a big box in house. If woman want buy new things, Hamitchou always talk, "Me not trade me delantium!" Woman cry.
Hamitchou, yaka halo tikegh elan tillikum. Spose man chako pe iskum kumtux kopa mamook iktas, Hamitchou wawa, "Potlatch naika hykwah!" Spose man chako pe iskum kumtux kopa iskum animal pe pish, Hamitchou wawa, "Potlatch naika hykwah!" Spose klahowyum tillikum chako pe tikegh mukamuk, Hamitchou wawa, "Potlatch naika hykwah!" Kimtah hiyu laly, konaway tillikum kopa town halo mitlite hykwah pe klaska kowkwutl huy-huy. Hamitchou, him not want help people. If man come and want know to make thing, Hamitchou talk, "Give me delantium!" If man come and want know catch fish and animal, Hamitchou talk, "Give me delantium!" If poor people come and want food, Hamitchou talk, "Give me delantium!" After much time, all people in village not have delantium and them unable trade.
Hamitchou kwanesum pittuck, "Ka naika iskum hiyu weght hykwah?" Hamitchou always think, "Where me get more delantium?"
Alta, Hamitchou mitlite skookum tamahnous. Yaka mooluk. Now, Hamitchou have strong spirit helper. Him elk.
Ikt sun Hamitchou klatawa kopa stick illahee. Yaka tikegh wawa kopa yaka tamahnous. Hamitchou mitlite yahwa ikt sun pe ikt polaklie. Hamitchou kwanesum wawa, "Mooluk tamahnous, elan naika." Tamahnous halo chako. Ikt polaklie, kimtah lakkit sun, Hamitchou tamahnous chako. Hamitchou kowkwutl kumtux kopa eye yaka, keschi tamahnous wawa, "Hamitchou, naika kumtux ikta maika tikegh. Halo kloshe maika kwanesum tikegh hykwah." One day, Hamitchou go to forest. Him want talk to him spirit elder. Hamitchou stay there one day and one night. Hamitchou always talk, "Spirit, help me." Spirit not come. One night, after four day, Hamitchou spirit come. Hamitchou unable see him, but spirit talk, "Hamitchou, me know what you want. Not good you always want more dentalium."
"Keschi, naika tikegh hiyu weght hykwah!" wawa Hamitchou. "But, me want more dentalium!" talk Hamitchou.
"Halo kloshe!" tamahnous wawa kahkwa yaka solleks. "Not good!" spirit talk, like him angry.
"Keschi naika delate tikegh iskum hiyu weght hykwah!" wawa Hamitchou. "But me very want get more dentalium!" talk Hamitchou.
Tamahnous wawa, "Spose maika delate tikegh iskum hykwah, naika wawa ka yaka mitlite, keschi yaka siah pe hiyu mamook iskum yaka. Klonas maika nanitch mesachie tamahnous pe peshak iktas. Maika klonas chako memaloose, keschi spose maika mamook kahkwa naika wawa pe klatawa ka naika wawa, maika iskum konaway hykwah maika tikegh. Maika kwass?" Spirit talk, "If you true want get more dentalium, me talk where it be, but it far and much work get it. Maybe you see evil spirit and bad thing. You maybe become dead, but if you do same like me talk and go where me talk, you get all dentalium you want. You afraid?"
"Naika halo kwass!" wawa Hamitchou. Yaka kliminawhit. Yaka delate tikegh okoke hykwah. "Me not afraid!" talk Hamitchou. Him lie. Him very much want that dentalium.
Hamitchou tamahnous wawa ka hykwah mitlite pe konaway iktas kloshe yaka nehwa. Hamitchou spirit talk where dentalium be, and everything good him bring.
Hamitchou klatawa hyak kopa yaka house pe ko yahwa kunsih sun elip chako saghalie. Hamitchou wawa klootzman, "Klatawa pe iskum klak la camas!" Hamitchou halo tikegh klootzman kumtux ikta yaka mamook pe ka yaka klatawa. Hamitchou go fast to him house and arrive there after sun come up. Hamitchou talk woman, "Go and dig up camas!" Hamitchou not want woman know what him do and where him go.
Well, klootzman klatawa pe Hamitchou iskum mokst mooluk horn pe mamook mokst la peosh. Kimtah, yaka hokumelth dly pish, dly la camas, mokst piah stick, stone la peep pe kinootl. Hamitchou mahsh okoke iktas kopa la sac. Hamitchou kow yaka mokst la peosh kopa yaka lupulla, iskum la sac pe klatawa. Well, woman go, and Hamitchou get two elk antler and make two pick. After, him gather dry fish, dry camas, two fire stick, stone pipe and tobacco. Hamitchou throw those thing in bag. Hamitchou tie him two pick on him back, get bag and go.
Kunsih sun elip klatawa keekwullie, Hamitchou klootzman chako kilapai pe kumtux kopa eye yaka man klatawa siah kopa wayhut. When sun begin go down, Hamitchou woman return and see her man go far on trail.
Konaway okoke polaklie pe konaway okoke sun kimta, Hamitchou klatawa. Hamitchou halo nanitch kopa stick, animal pe kalakala. Hamitchou ikt kopet pittuck, "Hykwah, hykwah." Yaka klatawa hyak pe kunsih polaklie chako, yaka kopet. Hamitchou delate till. Konaway okoke sun yaka klatawa kopa la pee saghalie, saghalie. Kunsih Hamitchou ko ka stick kopet, yaka sit kopa whim stick. Moon chako saghalie. Yaka hyas pe mamook skookum towagh kopa polaklie koosa pe konaway ka kopa illahee. Hamitchou, yaka nanitch saghalie pe kumtux kopa eye hyas la monti yahul Tahoma. Yaka tkope pe snow mitlite konaway ka kopa yaka. All that night and all that day after, Hamitchou go. Him not look tree, animal or bird. Hamitchou only think, "Dentalium, dentalium." Him go fast and when night come, him stop. Hamitchou very tired. All that day him walk up, up. When Hamitchou arrive where tree stop, him sit on log. Moon come up. It big and make strong light in night sky and everywhere on land. Hamitchou, him look up and see big mountain called Tahoma (Mount Rainier). It white and snow be everywhere on it.
Alta, Hamitchou chako delate cole, keschi yaka halo mamook piah. Klonas tillikums kumtux kopa eye yaka. Hamitchou tikegh klatawa hyak pe klap hykwah. Yaka halo mukamuk pe mukamuk chuck pe halo moosum. Hamitchou pittuck ikt kopet kopa hykwah. Now, Hamitchou become very cold, but him not make fire. Maybe people see it. Hamitchou want go fast and find dentalium. Him not eat or drink and not sleep. Hamitchou think only about dentalium.
Hamitchou tamahnous wawa hykwah mitlite saghalie Tahoma la monti, wake siah tenas lake, keekwullie delate hyak klawhap. Alta Hamitchou kumtux kopa eye ka yaka tikegh klatawa. Hamitchou spirit talk dentalium be up Tahoma mountain, near small lake, in very big hole. Now Hamitchou see where him want go.
Hamitchou mahsh yaka la sac kopa illahee wake siah whim stick. Yaka lolo mooluk horn la peosh kopa okchoke pe klatawa. Hamitchou throw him bag on ground near log. Him carry elk antler pick on shoulder and go.
Hamitchou klatawa kopa klip snow. Hamitchou whim hiyu, keschi yaka klatawa saghalie, saghalie. Hamitchou ko saghalie kopa Tahoma kunsih sun elip chako saghalie. Alta, delate cole wind poh pe ice mitlite kopa Hamitchou la tate, seeowist pe la mah. Hamitchou hullel hiyu. Yaka nanitch keekwullie pe kumtux kopa eye hyas klawhap. Yaka klonas ikt mile klukulth pe ikt mile klip. Hamitchou kumtux kopa eye tenas lake siah keekwullie ka klawhap kopet. Hamitchou go in deep snow. Hamitchou fall much, but him go up, up. Hamitchou arrive up on Tahoma when sun begin come up. Now, very cold win begin blow and ice be on Hamitchou head, face and hand. Hamitchou shake much. Him look down and see hole. It maybe one mile wide and one mile deep. Hamitchou see small lake down where hole stop.
Hamitchou, yaka sopena keekwullie. Yaka whim pe klatawa keekwullie, luwullo pe luwullo. Yaka kopet wake siah lake. Snow mitlite konaway ka kopa Hamitchou pe hiyu pil mitlite kopa yaka seeowist pe la mah ka Hamitchou koko stone pe ice. Hamitchou delate till pe tenas stick. Hamitchou sit pe nanitch konaway ka. Klone hyas stone mitlite wake siah yaka. Ikt stone kahkwa hyas samon la tate. Ikt stone kahkwa hyas la camas pe ikt stone, yaka kahkwa delate hyas mooluk la tate. Hamitchou, him jump down. Him fall and go down, round and round. Snow be everywhere on Hamitchou and much blood be on him face and hand where Hamitchou hit snow and ice. Hamitchou very tired and a little sick. Hamitchou sit and look everywhere. Three big stone be near him. One stone same like big salmon head. One stone same like big camas and one stone, him same like very big elk head.
Hamitchou tum-tum yaka klonas klap hykwah yukwa, wake siah yaka mooluk tamahnous. Hamitchou believe him maybe find dentalium here, near him elk spirit.
Hamitchou iskum ikt mooluk horn la peosh pe elip iskum klak snow. Delate winnapie, yaka koko stone. Hamitchou kopet. Yaka kumtux kopa kwolan hyas mesachie hee-hee. Hamitchou nanitch kimtah yaka pe kumtux kopa eye ikt hyas nenamooks. Yaka hyas, kahkwa man. Yaka sit pe nanitch Hamitchou. Hamitchou kwass, keschi yaka iskum horn la peosh pe skookum koko stone. Kunsih Hamitchou koko stone, okoke nenamooks skookum koko illahee kopa yaka opoots. Hamitchou get one elk antler pick and begin take off snow. Very soon, him hit stone. Hamitchou stop. Hamitchou hear big evil laugh. Hamitchou look behind him and see one big otter. Him big, same like man. Him sit and look Hamitchou. Hamitchou afraid, but him take antler pick and strong hit stone. When Hamitchou hit stone, that otter strong hit ground with him tail.
Hamitchou koko stone weght. Alta ikt huloima nenamooks chako, sit pe nanitch. Hamitchou kwass, keschi yaka koko stone weght. Alta klone nenamooks sit yahwa. Kwanesum, kunsih Hamitchou koko stone, chee nenamooks chako pe sit pe nanitch. Kimtah tenas laly tahtlum pe mokst nenamooks sit pe nanitch. Alta, kunsih Hamitchou koko stone, nenamooks tyee chako. Yaka hyas nawitka, kahkwa mokst man. Hamitchou hit stone again. Now one other otter come, sit and look. Hamitchou afraid, but him hit stone again. Now three otter sit there. Always, when Hamitchou hit stone, new otter come sit and look. After little time twelve otter sit and look. Now, when Hamitchou hit stone, otter chief come. Him big indeed, same like two man.
Hamitchou, yaka delate kwass. Konaway okoke nenamooks nanitch yaka pe mamook mesachie hee-hee. Kwanesum, kunsih Hamitchou koko stone, nenamooks, klaska skookum koko illahee kopa klaska opoots. Illahee, yaka hullel. Hamitchou, yaka kwass, nawitka, keschi yaka delate tikegh klap hykwah. Hamitchou koko stone hyak, weght pe weght. Kimtah youtlkut laly, yaka chako delate till. Yaka elip koko stone klawha. Kunsih yaka koko stone klawha, konaway nenamooks chako delate wake siah. Spose Hamitchou kopet koko stone, nenamooks koko Hamitchou kopa klaska opoots. Hamitchou, him very afraid. All that otter look him and make evil laugh. Always, when Hamitchou hit stone, otter, them strong hit ground with them tail. Ground, it shake. Hamitchou, him afraid, indeed, but him very want find dentalium. Hamitchou hit stone fast, again and again. After long time, him become very tired. Him begin hit stone slow. When him hit stone slow, all otter come very near. If Hamitchou stop hit stone, otter hit Hamitchou with them tail.
Hamitchou, yaka mamook ikt koko kopa stone pe la peosh chako kokshut. Alta yaka cultus. Konaway nenamooks koko yaka. Hamitchou mahsh okoke la peosh pe iskum huloima la peosh. Hamitchou mamook ikt delate skookum koko kopa stone pe stone chako kokshut pe tsugh. Hamitchou iskum klak yaka. Hamitchou, him make one hit on stone and pick break. Not it useless. All otter hit him. Hamitchou throw that pick and take other pick. Hamitchou make one very strong hit on stone and stone break and split. Hamitchou take away it.
Alta, Hamitchou kumtux kopa eye hiyu hykwah. Delate hiyu hykwah. Hamitchou kowkwutl mamook kwannum klaska. Hamitchou kwutl yaka la mah klip kopa hykwah pe haul klak hiyu klapite pahtl hykwah. Konaway klapite mitlite takamonuk hykwah. Hamitchou kow lakkit klapite pahtl hykwah lewullo yaka yakawatin. Hamitchou kow klone klapite pahtl hykwah kopa yaka kenkiam okchoke pe klone klapite pahtl hykwah kopa yaka huloima okchoke. Hamitchou lolo kwinnum klapite pahtl hykwah kopa yaka kenkiam la ma pe kwinnum klapite pahtl hykwah kopa huloima la mah. Konaway okoke hykwah delate till, nawitka. Hamitchou kowkwutl klatawa hyak kopa la pee. Now, Hamitchou see much dentalium. Very much dentalium. Hamitchou unable count them. Hamitchou push him hand deep in dentalium and pull out many string full dentalium. All string have hundred dentalium. Hamitchou tie four string dentalium around him stomach. Hamitchou tie three string full dentalium on him right shoulder and three string full dentalium on him other shoulder. Hamitchou carry five string full dentalium in him right hand and five string full dentalium in other hand. All this dentalium very heavy, indeed. Hamitchou unable go fast on foot.
Hamitchou, yaka chukkin illahee kopa hykwah klahwop. Hamitchou, him kick dirt on dentalium hole.
Alta, kloshe spose Hamitchou potlatch tenas hykwah kopa okoke klone tamahnous stone. Klonas kloshe spose Hamitchou kow ikt klapite pahtl hykwah kopa stone samon tamahnous la tate, ikt klapite pahtl hykwah kopa stone la camas tamahnous la tate pe kow klone klapite pahtl hykwah kopa mooluk tamahnous. Keschi Hamitchou tikegh konaway hykwah kopa ikt kopet yaka. Now, good if Hamitchou give little dentalium to three spirit stone. Maybe good if Hamitchou tie one string full dentalium on salmon spirit head, one string full dentalium on camas spirit head and tie two string full dentalium on elk spirit. But Hamitchou want all dentalium for only him.
Alta, konaway nenamooks elip koko klaska opoots kopa lake, skookum pe hyak. Konaway klaska mamook mesachie hee-hee. Klaska solleks. Now, all otter begin hit them tail on lake, strong and fast, All them make evil laugh. Them angry.
Hamitchou elip klatawa saghalie ka yaka chako. Smoke elip chako kopa lake. Hamitchou kwass. Yaka tikegh klatawa hyak, keschi yaka kowkwutl. Konaway okoke hykwah delate till pe snow, yaka klip. Kimtah youtlkut laly, Hamitchou ko saghalie hyas klawhap. Smoke, yaka klatawa saghalie weght. Alta, smoke delate hyas pe klale pe wind elip poh. Hamitchou begin go up where him come. Smoke begin come on lake. Hamitchou afraid. Him want go fast, but him unable. All that dentalium very heavy and snow, it deep. After long time, Hamitchou arrive above big hole. Smoke, it go up also. Now, smoke very big and black and wind begin blow.
Hamitchou tikegh klatawa hyak kopa yaka house pe mamook kwannum konaway yaka chee hykwah. Skookum wind chako pe mahsh Hamitchou siah keekwullie la monti. Stone pe ice klemahun Hamitchou pe hiyu pil mitlite kopa yaka. Hamitchou want go fast to him house and count all him new dentalium. Strong wind come and throw Hamitchou down mountain. Stone and ice stab Hamitchou and much blood be on him.
Alta, smoke chako delate piltlilth. Polaklie chako pe wind poh delate skookum. Hamitchou kwass, nawitka. Yaka elip hullel. Piah mitlite kopa koosa pe Hamitchou kumtux kopa kwolan hiyu skookum la tlah. Hamitchou halo kumtux, keschi yaka tum-tum okoke la tlah, yaka solleks tamahnous. Hamitchou delate tum-tum okoke tamahnous, yaka wawa solleks, "Hykwah, hykwah, hykwah," weght pe weght. Now, smoke become very thick. Night come and wind blow very strong. Hamitchou afraid, indeed. Him begin shake. Fire be in sky and Hamitchou hear much strong sound. Hamitchou not understand, but him believe that sound, it angry spirit. Hamitchou true believe that spirit, him talk angry, "Dentalium, dentalium, dentalium," again and again.
Spose Hamitchou elip klatawa, wind mahsh yaka siah kopa stone pe klonas klip kopa snow. Hamitchou iskum hiyu cut, keschi yaka kwanesum mitlite konaway yaka hykwah. Hamitchou delate till pe sick. Yaka tum-tum klonas okoke tamahnous tikegh hykwah. Hamitchou iskum kwinnum klapite pahtl hykwah klak yaka kenkiam la mah pe mahsh siah kopa klale smoke. Wind kopet. Hamitchou tum-tum klonas kloshe alta, keschi kunsih Hamitchou elip klatawa, wind poh weght pe kwutl Hamitchou. Yaka whim kopa illahee. If Hamitchou begin go, wind throw him far on stone and maybe deep in snow. Hamitchou get many cut, but him always keep all his dentalium. Hamitchou very tired and sick. Him believe maybe that spirit want dentalium. Hamitchou take five string full dentalium off him right hand and throw far at black smoke. Wind stop. Hamitchou believe maybe good now, but when Hamitchou begin go, wind blow again and push Hamitchou. Him fall on ground.
Alta, weght, piah mitlite kopa koosa. Okoke skookum tamahnous la tlah wawa, "Hykwah, hykwah, hykwah." Alta wind poh delate skookum pe mahsh Hamitchou kull kopa stone illahee. Tamahnous, yaka iskum konaway hykwah klak Hamitchou huloima la mah. Hamitchou, yaka mitwhit pe elip coolie, keschi wind mahsh Hamitchou siah, nawitka pe iskum konaway hykwah Hamitchou mitlite. Now, again, fire be in sky. The strong spirit sound talk, "Dentalium, dentalium, dentalium." Now wind blow very strong and throw Hamitchou hard on stone ground. Spirit, him take all dentalium off Hamitchou other arm. Hamitchou, him stand and begin run, but wind throw Hamitchou far indeed, and take all dentalium Hamitchou have.
Alta, wind kopet. Piah kopa sky kopet. Hyas la tlah kopet pe smoke klatawa. Hamitchou elip mitwhit, keschi yaka kowkwutl. Yaka delate sick pe till. Hamitchou, yaka whim kopa illahee pe moosum kahkwa yaka memaloose. Now, wind stop. Fire in sky stop. Big spirit sound stop and smoke go. Hamitchou begin stand, but him unable. Him very sick and tired. Hamitchou, him fall to ground and sleep same like him dead.
Kunsih moosum kopet, Hamitchou klawha mamook hahlakl yaka mokst eye. Hamitchou, yaka wawa, "Nah! Klonas naika moosum youtlkut laly!" Hamitchou kowkwutl mitwhit, keschi yaka kumtux kopa eye polaklie kopet pe sun elip chako saghalie. Hamitchou mitlite yahwa tenas laly pe kimtah, yaka klawha elip sit. When sleep stop, Hamitchou slow make open him two eye. Hamitchou, him talk, "Oh my! maybe me sleep long time!" Hamitchou unable stand, but him see night stop and sun begin come up. Hamitchou lay there little time and after, him slow begin sit.
Hamitchou nanitch kopa illahee pe kumtux kopa eye whim stick ka yaka mahsh la sac mokst sun ahnkuttie. Hamitchou delate olo, keschi, yaka la sac halo yahwa. Samon pe la camas pe kinootl halo mitlite yahwa, keschi yaka stone la peep, yaka yahwa. Hamitchou look at ground and see log where him throw bag two day past. Hamitchou very hungry, but him bag not there. Salmon and camas and tobacco not there, but him stone pipe, it there.
Hamitchou mitwhit pe kumtux kopa eye halo pil mitlite kopa yaka la mah pe halo cut. Hamitchou mamook la doo kopa yaka la tate pe kumtux cut halo mitlite yahwa. Hamitchou, yaka mamook la doo yaka yakso. "Nah! Naika yakso delate youtlkut. Yaka kopa illahee winnapie. Naika halo kumtux. Klonas naika tamahnous mamook okoke," wawa Hamitchou. Yaka hee-hee. Hamitchou stand and see no blood on him hand and no cut. Hamitchou touch him head and know cut not be there. Hamitchou, him touch him hair. "Oh! Me hair very long. It to ground soon. Me not understand. Maybe me spirit do this," talk Hamitchou. Him laugh.
Alta, Hamitchou youtl. Yaka halo sick pe yaka halo till. Hamitchou nanitch saghalie kopa Tahoma pe pittuck yaka toketie la monti. Hamitchou, yaka halo pittuck kopa kykwah. Hamitchou nanitch konaway ka pe pittuk konaway iktas kloshe, nawitka. Now, Hamitchou happy. Him not sick and him not tired. Hamitchou look up at Tahoma and think it pretty mountain. Hamitchou, him not think about dentalium. Hamitchou look everywhere and think everything good, indeed.
"Konaway kalakala chanti kloshe," wawa Hamitchou, "pe okoke stick illahee toketie. Naika kwan kumtux kopa emeets konaway okoke toketie tupsoo. Alta, naika tikegh klatawa kopa naika house pe bebe naika klootzman pe potlatch yaka hiyu kloshe iktas. Naika tikegh klatawa pe nanitch konaway naika sihks pe klonas elan klaska." "All bird sing good," talk Hamitchou, "and this forest pretty. Me happy smell all that pretty flower. Now, me want to me house and kiss me woman and give her many good thing. Me want go and look all me friend and maybe help them."
Hamitchou elip klatawa kopa la pee. Hamitchou kumtux kopa kwolan yaka lupulla pe teahwhit bone mamook tenas le tlah, kahkwa hiyu delate tenas stick kokshut. Yaka hee-hee. Hamitchou klatawa kopa wayhut ka yaka kwanesum klatawa. Hamitchou elip kumtux kopa eye konaway iktas huloima. Ka hyas stick mitlite mokst sun ahnkuttie, klaska alta whim stick kopa illahee pe klaska poolie. Moss mitlite kopa klaska. Hamitchou begin walk. Hamitchou hear him back and leg bone make small sound, same like many very small stick break. Him laugh. Hamitchou go on trail where him always go. Hamitchou see everything different. Where big three be two day past, them now logs on ground and them rotten. Moss be on them.
"Okoke tamahnous, yaka mamook hiyu iktas talkie polaklie!" wawa Hamitchou. "That spirit, him do many thing yesterday night!" talk Hamitchou.
Hamitchou, yaka hee-hee pe elip klatawa tenas hyak. Yaka chanti, "Okoke sun kloshe, keschi konaway iktas huloima, hey ya, hey ya!" Hamitchou, him laugh and begin go little fast. Him sing, "This day good, but everything different, hey ya, hey ya!"
Sun elip klatawa keekwullie pe Hamitchou ko wake siah ka yaka ole house mitlite lakkit sun ahnkuttie. Alta chee kloshe house mitlite yahwa. Sun begin go down and Hamitchou arrive near where him old house be four day before. Now, new good house be there.
Hamitchou mitwhit yahwa pe nanitch. Yaka halo kumtux. Hamitchou kumtux kopa eye ole klootzman klahanie house. Okoke ole klootzman, yaka yakso tkope. Okoke klootzman, yaka mitlite toketie sail iktas pe hiyu kamosuk. Yaka mitlite pil chikamin kweo-kweo kopa yaka la mah pe la doo. Okoke ole klootzman mitlite hykwah kopa yaka kwolan. Hamitchou stand there and look. Him not understand. Hamitchou see old woman outside house. That old woman, her hair white. Old woman, she have pretty clothes and many beads. She have copper bracelet on her arm and finger. This old woman have dentalium on her ear.
Okoke ole klootzman, yaka chanti klawha, That old woman, she sing slow,
"Naika man, yaka klatawa, klatawa
Yaka klatawa Tahoma, hey ya, hey ya
Kunsih yaka kilapai, kilapai,
Kunsih chako yukwa, hey ya-ya-ya."
"Me man, him go
Him go Tahoma, hey ya, hey ya
When him return, return,
When come here, hey ya-ya-ya."
Alta Hamitchou, yaka elip kumtux. Okoke ole klootzman, yaka Hamitchou klootzman. Hamitchou kumtux yaka moosum klonas lakkit tahtlum yeah. Hamitchou kumtux yaka ole kahkwa yaka klootzman. Now Hamitchou, him begin understand. That old woman, she Hamitchou woman. Hamitchou know him sleep maybe forty year. Hamitchou know him old like him woman.
Hamitchou youtl yaka alta mitlite kopa yaka house kunamokst yaka klootzman. Hamitchou youtl yaka klootzman mitlite hiyu kloshe iktas. Hamitchou, yaka halo solleks klootzman huy-huy konaway yaka hykwah. Hamitchou happy him now be at him house with him woman. Hamitchou happy him woman have many good thing. Hamitchou, him not angry woman trade all him dentalium.
Hamitchou mitlite yahwa hiyu yeah alki. Yaka elan hiyu tillikum pe konaway tillikum kiawalli yaka. Hamitchou live there many year future. Him help many people and all people love him.

To be continued...


(Copyright © 1994 by Duane Pasco)

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