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Moola John

  • First episode. John meets Dungeness Jim and hitches a canoe ride to Port Gamble.
    • To our readers. A note regarding the Jargon dialog and English translations in "Moola John."
  • Episode #2. The travelers stop to pay a visit in Suquamish at the great longhouse of Chief Sealth.
  • Episode #3. Jim introduces John to his old friend, Chief Sealth, and they enjoy his hospitality.
  • Episode #4. Chief Sealth and John become acquainted after dinner. Sealth describes his friendship with Seattle's founders.
  • Episode #5. John tells why he came West, and Chief Sealth and Jim explain how they met.
  • Episode #6. John, frightened by the killer whales they see, is put at ease when Jim recounts a whale legend.
  • Episode #7. The travelers draw near Port Gamble, long the home of many S'Klallams, now a major mill town and lumber port.
  • Episode #8. The canoe party have a brush with another tribe's men who are embroiled in a skirmish with the military.
  • Episode #9. John finds his brother Peter in Port Gamble, and they celebrate Christmas with Jim's family.
  • Episode #10. Jim recounts his courtship of Molly, and John reflects on the girl he left behind.
  • Episode #11. John describes how he came to know the Nez Perce, who nurse him after an attack by the Cayuse.
  • Episode #12. Years before, young Jim is cheated and abused by a party of English traders, and his family takes revenge.
    • Historical notes:
    • The S'Klallam legend and Dr. McLoughlin's account of the McKenzie party's disappearance.
  • Episode #13. John meets Judge Swan, Chief Chetzamoka and Jenny Lind. A cargo of live chickens is nearly their undoing.
    • Historical notes:
    • Judge Swan and "Thirteen Years' Residence in Washington Territory." (Also appears in Jargon Notes.)
  • Episode #14. The canoe party watch the wildlife in Puget Sound and recall some encounters, and Judge Swan soon has a very close one.
  • Episode #15. The travelers visit a pioneer couple, and Jim tells a fable of the man who gambles all for a fortune in dentalium.
    • Historical note:
    • Harvesting dentalium, a prized mollusk shell used for jeweley and as money.
  • Episode #16. A new adventure begins in 1858. McTavish finds his ministry takes new direction and meaning on the frontier.
  • Epilog to the Moola John saga. Includes character development notes.
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Some scenes from "Moola John":

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